Hollyoaks: the Nightingales arrive, Ellie gets rid of Neeta, while Patrick snaps when Mrs St Claire tries to take over

26-30 October: Plus Nancy and Darren become worried about the pictures Charlie has been drawing

Monday 26 October


The Roscoe family are broken following recent events. Joe asks Lindsey to move back into the Roscoe’s so they can support each other.

More people start to take notice of Cindy’s claims that there is a serial killer at the hospital but has the Gloved Hand Killer already covered their tracks?

The Nightingale family descends on Hollyoaks: Mac, Ellie, Nathan, Alfie and Nathan’s fiancé, Rachel. Darren is flustered when he sees Mac’s gorgeous daughter, Ellie and ends up spraying her with champagne. Jack hands over the keys to The Dog and it’s revealed that Mac used to live in Hollyoaks.

The Osbornes move into the Boarding House and tell a shocked Lockie that he’ll have to move out. Nancy takes Oscar and a down-beat Charlie to Price Slice but Charlie runs off. Meanwhile, Mac tells his family about when he lived at the pub as a child. They open the doors but are unaware that Charlie has snuck into the cellar. Mac puts some boxes of beers in front of the door and accidentally traps him inside.

Mac goes down to the cellar to call ‘Neeta’ and finds a petrified Charlie. He carries him home but Nancy and Darren are concerned by Charlie’s behaviour. Jack offers to help out at The Dog and Ellie sees a message from Neeta appear on her dad’s phone and pockets it. Meanwhile, Charlie has a nightmare about what he saw at Pride…

Leela asks Peri if she wants to go with her to Cameron’s sentencing tomorrow, but she says no. She sees Peri upset by The City Wall and is surprised when her daughter opens up to her about her feelings towards baby Steph. Lockie asks Leela to write a victim impact statement for Cameron’s trial so he can get a reduced sentence.

Tuesday 27 October

Ellie pretends to be her dad and texts Neeta saying “I don’t want to see you.” She panics when Neeta says she’s coming anyway, so Ellie gets rid of her family for the day. Mac, Nathan, Rachel and Alfie go to The Hutch for lunch and bump into Tony. Tony recognises Mac from a couple of years above him at school and offers to give them a tour of the village. Meanwhile, Neeta arrives at The Dog.

Leela has written the impact statement but panics when Tegan and Ste decide to go to court too – she doesn’t want them to know that she’s helped Cameron. She thinks she’s persuaded them to stay at home, but Ste and Tegan are determined to see Cameron get sent down.

They’re furious when Cameron gets off with a two year driving ban, thanks to Leela. Tegan punches Cameron and heads off to find her sister. Leela is shocked that Cameron has been freed and tries to warn Peri. It’s too late when Peri bumps into Cameron at the hospital. She gets in Nancy’s car and starts revving the engine, ready to run over her dad.

Nancy and Darren are confused by the pictures Charlie has started drawing and decides to call a doctor. Charlie draws another picture and Darren can see it’s meant to be a dead body.

Scott is the third wheel again as Tony and Diane get their relationship back on track. Tony tells Scott to move out but Scott won’t roll over so easily. Diane finds Scott collapsed in the kitchen. Scott wakes and tells Diane that he collapsed after drinking her cup of tea that Tony made. Diane’s mind races and she accuses Tony of poisoning Scott. However, she soon realises the truth when she confronts Scott and he locks them both in the flat.

Wednesday 28 October

Cameron tries to convince Peri to get out of the car and promises to leave if that’s what she really wants. Peri tells everyone she wants to speak to her dad. Darren shows Nancy the latest drawing and they come to the conclusion that something must have happened to Charlie at the Pride festival.

Elsewhere, Tegan tries to convince Ziggy that Leela is in love with Cameron, but Ziggy has already had too much heartbreak and doesn’t want to listen. Meanwhile, Peri tells Cameron she doesn’t have Post Natal Depression – she just doesn’t want to be a mum. He urges her to tell Tom the truth, which she does. At the Lomax’s, Tegan packs her bags and goes on holiday. She tells Ziggy to “have a nice life”.

Diane is stunned when Scott reveals that he ended up as his nan’s carer when he got sent to live with her after his parents separated. However, he knows when he’s not wanted and heads for the bus stop.

Neeta refuses to leave until she speaks to Mac. Ellie has to think fast about how to get rid of her. She manages to sneak Neeta out the back as Mac, Nathan, Rachel and Alfie arrive home. Neeta writes a letter to Mac and asks Ellie to give it to him but Rachel is suspicious that Ellie is up to something. She hits gold when she finds Neeta’s ripped up letter.

Thursday 29 October

Rachel confronts Ellie with the letter and also shows it to Nathan.

Patrick is introduced to his replacement at school, Mrs St Claire. He’s annoyed to hear that she will be shadowing him for the next two months. She goes with him to teach a class but Patrick snaps when she tries to take over. Mrs St Claire gets on the phone to the board to inform them of Patrick’s outburst and the governors make her head teacher, with immediate effect.

Jack and Tom try to reason with Peri who wants to give Steph up for adoption. Tom concedes and tells Peri that they’ll give Steph up if that’s what she wants, but it’s not what he wants so he books two tickets to London for him and his daughter. Elsewhere, Cameron bumps into Celine and she lies that she’s moved on. He tells her he loves her and begs her to take him back.

Darren pulls up alongside Tom and Steph, and convinces him to come home. However, Peri makes him choose between her and Steph. Meanwhile, Lockie is turning The Tugboat into a bachelor pad for him and Cameron, and is gutted when Cameron reveals he’s back with Celine.

Friday 30 October

Patrick tries to keep his redundancy a secret from Maxine, who is excited about her new Halloween promotion at Minnie Cabs. He’s caught out when Maxine finds him at the coffee shop. She storms over to the school to fight his corner and starts a riot in Mrs St Claire’s class. The police arrive and arrest her for disturbing the peace. Meanwhile, Sienna buys Patrick an electric wheelchair. 

Lockie has spent the night partying with Ellie and has an argument the next morning with Cameron about Celine.

Mercedes upsets Joe but when she tries to make it up to him they have a heated row and Mercedes storms out of Joe’s physio session, right into Lockie’s path. The pair flirts, but will Mercedes use Lockie to teach Joe a lesson?


Pete is happy to be getting closer to Jade and gives her a ‘spare’ phone so she can call him anytime about tutoring…