David Brent strikes a sultry pose in new picture from Life on the Road

Ricky Gervais has posted a snap of everyone's favourite chilled out entertainer shooting the video for an "epic folk ballad"

Look, it’s David Brent! Filming a brand new music video for his film Life on the Road. 


Ricky Gervais tweeted a new picture from Brent’s feature film debut which follows the aspiring musician in his latest bid for stardom. The former Wernham Hogg manager has dressed in a bewildering get-up to shoot the video for his “epic folk ballad” #LadyGypsy. We’re talking corduroy trousers, cowboy boots and a neckerchief.

The actor, writer and comedian had teased today’s events yesterday evening on Twitter, informing his 10 million followers that he was off to bed early, presumably so Brent could get his beauty sleep.

Life on the Road is expected to begin full production later this year with a full cast yet to be announced. Set 15 years after the events of The Office, it sees Brent on tour with his band Foregone Conclusion, shadowed by a film crew he believes are making a ‘where are they now’ documentary.


Gervais revealed last weekend that he’d collaborated on the soundtrack with Coldplay’s Chris Martin. The music from the film will be available as an album, expected to coincide with its release date on 19th August 2016.