Why wasn’t Spencer Matthews in Made in Chelsea LA?

The SW3 top dog told RadioTimes.com the real reason why he missed out on the LA sun this summer— and whether he's going to have his own spin-off show...

Where on earth has Spencer Matthews been recently? While other major cast members Binky, Louise, Jamie and Lucy were getting caught up in the drama of Made in Chelsea: LA, the king of the SW3 jungle was notably absent.


With no Spenny in sight, there were rumours that he’d quit the show— now entering its tenth series— and given that he’s one of the major players and has also been there since the very beginning (the Caggie days!) this would have been a big deal for fans of the Channel 4 show. While he’s not always the most morally sound of the bunch, he’s certainly one of the most entertaining.

But speaking to RadioTimes.com, Spencer said that the reason he wasn’t in LA was simply that bureaucracy got in the way.

“I was supposed to go to LA but the Visa took a little bit of time to process and by the time it came through it [the filming] was all pretty much done.

“But I had a lovely summer. I went to Ibiza and then Saint Barts. It was quite a welcome break actually. It was nice to step back from the show for a bit and do the best season that we can this series. And it was nice to have a summer off, I haven’t had that for five years.”

“I enjoy filming so much with everyone so it makes sense to come back.”

Last time we saw Spencer on screen in the very tense series nine, he was going through a difficult time with girlfriend Lauren Hutton after it turned out he’d returned to his lothario ways. And now reports have surfaced that the two have split and that Spenny is back on the dating scene. 

Over the last five years he’s been on TV, we’ve seen Spencer  both as a committed boyfriend (even if only for a short time) and a totally untrustworthy player— so which sort of Spenny will we be seeing in the new London-set episodes?

“You get all sides [of me] this series”, he said. “It’s a good one for me…well a good one slash terrible one, with all the love and the hate…”

Spencer also added that while he had considered his own spin-off show, he wouldn’t actually be leaving Made in Chelsea anytime soon.

“I had meetings and was looking to develop other things but as long as the door’s still open here, I’m not going anywhere.”


So with Spencer back in town, Jamie’s got the other half his double act back. We can only imagine the havoc they’ll wreak…