This nostalgic Star Wars Battlefront trailer will make you cry at your desk

Not fair Sony. Not fair at all

A long time ago, in a bunk bed far far away, we were happy. Our days were spent imagining epic space battles, turning cardboard tubes into lightsabers and smashing action figures into each other with glee. Now we’re all grown up and stuck behind a desk. In our minds, we’re no longer Luke Skywalker – we’re yet another faceless bureaucrat in the evil Empire.


But what if we could go back? Before annual reports, before days spent commuting to a job we hate, before the prequels?

Well, that was more emotional than an advert for a cash-in videogame has any right to be, wasn’t it?

Yes, Star Wars Battlefront has great buzz from the open beta that just wrapped up on Playstation 4, but was there any need to cut our hearts out to shift a few more units this Christmas?

If you need us, we’ll be rocking back and forth, cradling our Yoda plushie, humming the Imperial March like a lullaby.


Star Wars Battlefront is released November 19th for PS4