Neighbours: Liam’s dodgy dealings put Jimmy in grave danger, while Paul takes drastic action to protect his family

26-30 October: Plus Susan and Bradʼs plan to save the school is sabotaged from the inside

Monday 26 October


The residents of Erinsborough have not forgiven Steph for her past actions, and when Jimmy goes missing she is the first suspect. Liam is seen secretly paying off some suspicious-looking characters. Daniel refuses to report the homeless man who hit him, but he is clearly not himself after the incident. 

Tuesday 27 October

Susan and Bradʼs plans to save Erinsborough High are put in jeopardy. Liam thinks that Jimmy has been kidnapped for ransom and tells Paul everything. When a local loan shark insists he is not responsible, Paul calls the police and Amy learns of Liamʼs betrayal. Kyle is taken aback by Stephʼs odd behaviour and wonders if she is hiding Jimmy. 

Wednesday 28 October

A surprising vote of trust from a new friend gives Steph hope and she decides to stay. Paul goes behind Amyʼs back and makes Liam an offer he cannot refuse. Piper feels more and more isolated and lashes out when her family seem too wrapped up in their own problems to show her any attention. 

Thursday 29 October

Brad and Terese join forces to parent an upset Piper. Sheila admits to Susan that she left school early and has long thought about becoming a mature student. Aaronʼs attempt to make money selling coffee backfires. Tyler discovers that Paige is not ready to start a family and sets Mark up for a fall. 


Friday 30 October

Aaron confronts Tyler about his attempts to sabotage Mark and Paigeʼs relationship. Josh and Nate discover an email suggesting that Paul hired someone to set Josh up. A mysterious ʻold friendʼ of Stephʼs arrives to warn her that her stay in Erinsborough will inevitably end in tears.