Is Louise leaving Made in Chelsea? She responds to the rumours

The reality star talks about moving to New York and her history of "dating idiots" who made her feel jealous...

Louise Thompson has been at the centre of some classic Made in Chelsea story lines, not least her love triangle with Jamie Laing and Spencer Matthews which seriously tested the boy’s bromance.


And even now that she’s settled in an uneventful relationship with Alik Alfus, who starred in the New York series of the show, Louise has still been embroiled in best friend Binky Felstead’s drama and tried (and sometimes failed) to keep her cool with Lucy Watson…

However, recently there have been rumours that Louise might be leaving the show to spend more time with Alik who has gone back to live in The Big Apple. So asked Louise whether she would really quit the glorious exploits of SW3…

“I’m not actually leaving,” she told RadioTimes,com. “I’m really, really happy doing this and hanging out with everyone. I’m in a really good place and I love the show.

“If I were ever to go I would never actually quit or leave the show, because I love it. So it would always be open for me to come back, like if I was to move to New York I would like to be able to come back and film or Skype. I don’t want to part ways until I know 100% what I want to do in my future.

“Plus Binky’s adamant that I don’t go to New York and leave”.

She also said that while it was hard being in a Transatlantic relationship, it was “manageable” because to Alik is “a proper adult.” 

“Other relationships I’ve been in I have to speak to them every night and every morning, which is really not very adult. 

“We’re just really boring and grown up, he’s working so hard over there and I’m doing this. I saw him last week, we went to Italy together. As long as I know when I’m next going to see him, it’s ok. And it does make it more exciting.”

And Louise had some wise words about how to overcome jealousy in a relationship.

The solution is…to go out with someone new.

“Trust issues are just about how someone makes you feel. I’ve dated idiots, and I’ve been an idiot too. If you ever feel jealous I would literally end it immediately.  You can never cure yourself of that. And also never date someone that you’ve already had issues with.”


We could really do with some more wisdom like that on the show, so we’re hoping Louise does stick around…