Former Coronation Street star Julie Hesmondhalgh gives her blessing to Roy’s new lover Cathy

The actress who played Hayley Cropper says it's about time that her on-screen husband found romance again

When Hayley Cropper died in Coronation street nearly two years ago, millions of the soap’s fans were glued to their screens as the lovely factory machinist made her exit from the world.


But has husband Roy (played David Neilson), who rediscovered love in the form of Cathy (Melanie Hill) in the live episode last month, found a new romance too quickly?

Not according to Julie Hesmondhalgh, who played Hayley and gives Roy her blessing ‘from beyond the grave’.

“I think it has been a really respectable amount of time,” Hesmondhalgh tells


“It’s two years – in soapland that’s decades. I think they have played it beautifully. I think Hayley would be 100 per cent behind him. Hayley, for the little bit of me that is still Hayley, can say that she will approve. It’s time. Get paddling in that sea, Roy!”