“I don’t mean to sound snobbish but…”: the best quotes from Downton Abbey series 6 episode 5

The Dowager Countess, Robert Crawley and co had some cracking lines in tonight's episode of Downton Abbey


What a bloody good episode of Downton Abbey, eh? Viewers were left open mouthed as a dinner with an eminent politician became a blood bath – and the future of the Abbey looks to be changed forever by the outcome. 


In less gruesome news, Edith went on a date with Bertie, Mary visited a public house with Henry and Hughes and Carson’s first night in didn’t go to plan. Baxter went to court, Denker almost got herself fired and Mason moved into Yewtree farm with the help of Andy, Daisy and co. 

Oh, and there were plenty of thought-provoking, funny and wonderfully quoteable one-liners.

Branson had an exciting day ahead of him… 

While Andy took on new challenges

And Robert warned Violet about her latest scheme

Branson shared some words of wisdom with Mary 

But she had some thoughts of her own on the matter 

Meanwhile Mrs Patmore leant Mason a hand 

Violet faced scandal 

And confusion from her great-grandchildren… 

Things all got a bit much at dinner 

In more ways than one 


Leaving the future of the Abbey changed forever