This brilliant tinkerer is building a Doctor Who K9 with a Raspberry Pi for a brain

A robot dog from the year 5000 built with a computer designed for kids. Genius...

“All components are functioning normally, Master.”

English IT architect Richard Hopkins built his first K9 when he was eight years old, made out of cardboard cutouts from blueprints in Doctor Who Weekly magazine.


His latest version of the metal mutt is much, much more sophisticated.

Wagging tail, flashing eyes, flapping radar ears, nodding head, moving body, head-mounted camera AND soon-to-be revealed speech recognition: this telepresence robot is the ultimate DIY Doctor Who project.

The whole thing is controlled using a Raspberry Pi, a credit card-sized computer made in the UK to try and help kids to code.

You need to read the full story of his K9 design on Hopkins’ blog, featuring original blueprints and programming code, to get a sense of just how ambitious this build is.


We have just one question: can he play chess?