Monty Python and the Holy Grail’s lost animation revealed

The reel of unseen Terry Gilliam creations has been released to mark the film’s 40th anniversary


No matter how much we get from the Monty Python team we’ll always want more, which is why this new selection of “lost’ animation from 1975’s Monty Python and the Holy Grail (released for the film’s 40th anniversary) is a godsend.


The deleted and unseen clips feature moments from The Tale of Sir Lancelot and The Tale of Sir Robin, and are accompanied by a commentary from Python artist Terry Gilliam himself (who is at pains to point out he hasn’t actually been paid for this so we should all reimburse him).


In his own words: “It’s old animation, but it’s the animation that was cut out by the rather envious members of the group, who were trying to restrain a young, talented animator. A man who could have gone on to be a great animator, but he was forced into live-action filmmaking to cover the scars.”