Is it just me, or is The Apprentice taxi driver distractingly good looking?

Dum de dum de dum de... woah


So I know you’re not supposed to want to go anywhere near the black cab of doom on The Apprentice. If you’re in the back of that taxi it’s all gone horribly wrong and your over-zealous claims that you’ll out-sell Lord Sugar have fallen as flat as that paper skeleton from last year. But, stop me if I’m wrong, this year’s taxi driver is actually a bit of a hunk, right? Presumably being driven by him makes the whole experience just that little bit more enjoyable. 


Yes, I’ve decided this on about two seconds of footage. Yes, I’m fully aware that you can actually only see half of his head and, if I’m honest, he could do with flattening that little bit of hair down at the back. But STILL. Taxi of doom not so gloomy now, right?


The Apprentice continues Thursday at 9:00pm on BBC1