The Great British Bake Off has come to Netflix – and American fans can’t believe how good it is

Bake Off series five is called The Great British Baking Contest on Netflix USA, and US viewers have been trying to work out why it's so amazing


Think only Brits love soggy bottoms? Think again.


The Great British Bake Off has just been uploaded to Netflix USA, and it turns out Americans love Mary, Paul, Mel and Sue just as much as the rest of us.

It means that, just like us, Americans are trying to work out exactly what the secret Bake Off recipe is. Why is it so good?

“Whether you don’t care about baking or hate reality TV, I promise you you’ll enjoy this show”

That was how the debate started on Reddit. One converted fan explained the premise for the uninitiated:

“GBBO is a British baking competition hosted by two unabashedly corny but hilarious hosts and judged by the inscrutable Paul Hollywood and the adorable Mary Berry (both real names). The contestants are all amateur bakers, mostly lovely people, and the show is free from dramatic music and ridiculous editing.” 

Free from ridiculous editing! And this is the series that gave us Bingate! Apparently that’s nothing compared to American histrionics…

“I might be wrong on this but it seems that GBBO has a lot less filler compared to shows from the US, kinda like the comparison of UK Kitchen Nightmares vs the US version that often gets mentioned on reddit. Nothing gets excessively repeated, not as much crappy ‘suspense’ as US MasterChef.”

Maybe it’s just the way we speak?

Need more convincing?

“But what about those of us that hate the British? Will we like the show?”


“Well, it’s popular in Britain, an entire nation full of people who hate the British, so you certainly stand a chance.”

It’s so addictive, it’s even convinced Americans to use British colloquialisms. 

“Baking shows aren’t usually my cup of tea, but upon your recommendation I watched the first episode and I’ve got to say this is really good. It’s fun and charming, nothing like US reality TV.”

This Redditor is very conflicted.

“It’s the example of a brilliantly produced reality show.

“But I don’t like baking or cooking shows and I hate almost all reality TV, so it doesn’t entertain me.”

This person will never be satisfied.

“It’s boring. The Wire is much better.”


Sometimes, it’s best not to overanalyse.

“It is the greatest television show of all time. There are people who like the show and people who are objectively wrong.”