Maisie Williams channels Arya Stark in sneak peek at Doctor Who’s The Girl Who Died

The Game of Thrones star makes her Doctor Who debut in the forthcoming fifth episode of series 9

Arya Stark has her kill list, but does Maisie Williams’ Doctor Who character have a taste for vengeance too?


If the latest sneak peek at this weekend’s The Girl Who Died is anything to go by, she could well do.

“I am a viking and we will crush you on the field of battle”, Williams’ Ashildr roars at the pillaging alien race she comes face to face, with much to the worry of a clearly stressed Clara Oswald.

And as for The Doctor? Well, it’s up to him to train her. And the whole viking village.

Will he prove himself as good a teacher as Game of Thrones’ own Syrio Forel, though? Arya… no, sorry, ASHILDR, will need-le all the help she and her people can get if they’re doing to survive.

What do Ashildr and The Doctor say to the God of Death? Not today… you’ll get your answer on Saturday night instead.


Doctor Who continues on BBC1 on Saturday October 17th at 8.20pm