Home and Away: Zac and Leah break up, Ash goes into surgery, while Hannah realises that she likes Chris

19-23 October: Plus Nate and Kat decide that their relationship is broken

Monday 19 October


Denny gives Ash an ultimatum – either he tells Ricky that Brax is still alive, or she will. Nate is suspended for treating Kyle at home. Ricky confesses to Denny that she has feelings for Nate. Kat and Nate agree to go away together to work out what they want. Ash and Kyle go into surgery for the kidney transplant while Ricky and Phoebe watch anxiously. 

Tuesday 20 October

Charlotte confides to Andy that she does not think that she ever stopped loving Zac, and the pair call time on their relationship. The kidney transplant is a success and both Kyle and Ash come through. Phoebe admits to Ricky that she thinks Kyle would be a better father than Ash. Hunterʼs latest attention-seeking stunt leaves Leah and Zacʼs relationship in tatters. 

Wednesday 21 October

Josh tries to reach out to Evie to talk but she balks at the idea. Johnʼs interview at the school is a disaster as Greg Snelgrove gets his revenge for ruining his date. The adoption case worker is not impressed when they arrive to find John fighting, and it looks like his and Marilynʼs chance to foster is in jeopardy. Leah breaks off her engagement with Zac. 

Thursday 22 October

Oscar, Matt and Maddy hatch a plan to get Evie and Josh back together by bringing them both to Chrisʼs party under false pretences. Leah and Zac get back together after VJ gives them a good talking to, reminding them that they are a strong family and that they should work things out. Denny helps Hannah to realise that she likes Chris, but when she acts on it she finds him kissing somebody else. 


Friday 23 October

Matt cannot stop thinking about Maddy and confesses to VJ that he has a crush on her. Hannah is feeling down after seeing Chris with another girl at the party, and when the two of them are alone on the pier she surprises him with a kiss. Nate and Kat return from their trip and agree to end their relationship.