8 things to remember before watching Homeland series 5

A lot of people are dead, Brody is still dead and Carrie and Quinn aren't living happily-ever-after

Sunday nights aren’t just about cosy period drama and people crying about making it in the music industry anymore, because Homeland is back.


Carrie Mathison and co have returned to our telly screens for a fifth outing. Time has moved on – we are jumping forwards two years and we’ll find an Carrie ex-CIA and living in Berlin – but we still need a refresher on all the dramas and heart-stopping twists series four had to offer. Here’s everything you need to remember before series five kicks off.. 

1. Carrie and Quinn kissed 

Their will-they-won’t-they has driven the drama, romantically at least, for a while, and it finally, almost happened in the series finale. The pair got together and looked like there might be some sort of happily-ever-after…

2. But then he went to Iraq

This is Homeland after all. The pair kissed and immediately had a super serious conversation about whether they could ever make a relationship work. Carrie went a little bit AWOL and, just as she’d realised she definitely wanted to be with him, Quinn volunteered for a potentially fatal assassination job in Iraq. You can stamp all over that happy ending, we won’t be needing it. 

3. Saul was kidnapped 

Much of series four saw the drama focussed on Islamabad, where Carrie was station chief – and where Saul was taken hostage by terrorist Haissam Haqqani. He was freed, unharmed, after US prisoners were exchanged for his life. The circumstances surrounding his release troubled him, but the end of the series saw Saul seemingly accept a deal with Haqqani and Dar Adal, which could see him take back his former role at the CIA…

4. Fara is dead 

Saul’s kidnapping had other, awful, consequences. After his exchange, Haqqani infiltrated the embassy via a hidden tunnel, murdering employees in his wake. He was after a list of CIA informants, which Lockhart eventually gave up. But that wasn’t enough to spare us more heartbreak, and Fara was killed in the altercation. 

5. Carrie’s dad is also dead

Her father (played by James Rebhorn, who died in spring 2014) passed away at the end of the series after a stroke. Carrie received the news and headed back to America, where she was throughout the final episode of season. 

6. Brody is still dead

We are almost 100% sure of this. Damien Lewis did appear in series four – to blow our minds for a full five minutes – but it was just Carrie having a hallucination. An illusion, that’s all…  

7. Carrie’s mum is on the scene 

After her father’s death, the mum who walked out on Carrie and her sister appeared out of the blue. Carrie sent her away but soon had second thoughts and tracked her down to get some answers. What she discovered: she has a half-brother. And her parents didn’t split up because of her dad’s mental illness, something Carrie has staunchly believed – and which has affected her romantic relationships – for years. 

8. Frannie is finally getting a mum

After that harrowing bathtub scene in series four, Carrie headed overseas and didn’t see much of little Frannie. But her dad’s death made her re-evaluate and at the end of series four, Carrie vowed to be a better mum. 


Homeland series 5 starts on Sunday at 9:00pm on Channel 4