Doctor Who: exclusive Under the Lake and Before the Flood posters revealed

Stuart Manning's incredible designs continue with this watery two-parter

Designer Stuart Manning’s Doctor Who posters are a tradition, and this week we have a special double dose. May we present…


 Under the Lake

“Ghosts on an underwater base and a later timeslot! I knew this one had to be scary, and I wanted a definite contrast against the hard lines and more graphic style I’d used for the opening Dalek story. The little running Doctor is my nod to The Third Man – possibly appropriately, given Peter Capaldi’s love of Jon Pertwee’s third Doctor – which I riffed on with a little deco-style type and some watery lettering for the title itself.  


When I was growing up, horror novels usually had big scary faces on the covers, so I think that’s burned into my psyche as a visual shorthand. The Victorian-looking figure in the top hat brought to mind Dr. Caligari, so I combined that as an influence with some ink splatter to give a touch of implied violence and reflect the underwater location.

The final result has more than a little of the video nasty-style VHS covers I used to gaze at in the local video rental shop as an eight-year-old. As with most things in life, enduring influences are usually the bad ones…”

Before the Flood


“After the measured fear of Under the Lake, I wanted something much more anarchic for the air of all-hell-breaks-loose promised in the trailers for this week’s episode. Sometimes things just come together without much thought. I was playing around with the image of the dead-eyed Doctor and tried a strip of it in negative, which was instantly more arresting. 

With the Doctor defying the Tardis, Capaldi’s rebel Time Lord promises to be out in force, so something more graphic and energetic seemed the way to go. There’s a touch of grungy 80s and 90s graphic novel covers in there, plus a little Ralph Steadman splatter for good measure. Doubtless coming to a collected trade paperback edition soon.”

 Doctor Who: Before the Flood – BBC1 8:25 pm