10 questions that Doctor Who fans need answered right now

Why can't the Doctor visit Amy and Rory in '60s Manhattan? How does River Song know the Doctor's name? And just what happened to the Doctor's daughter? We count down the big questions, and see if there really is an answer for them after all…

1. Whatever happened to the Doctor’s daughter? 


This is a question that has been lingering for nearly seven years. In 2008’s The Doctor’s Daughter, the Doctor’s blood is stolen by an army and a fully-grown person is born from it: Jenny, his so-called ‘daughter’. Reluctant to accept her at first, their bond strengthens until she is tragically shot and killed. Shock! Tears! And then… Twist! For Jenny isn’t dead after all. In the final scene she suddenly revives and steals a rocket, seeking to explore space just as her father does. So, with a character as big as the Doctor’s offspring out there presumably having adventures and what not, you’d expect to see her again, right? Nope. That’s the last you hear of her. 

Is there an answer?

Not really. The whole factor of Jenny surviving at the end of The Doctor’s Daughter was, in fact, a suggestion by current showrunner Steven Moffat. This made fans think that he was eyeing up a return for the character, but, as Georgia Moffett explained to Doctor Who Magazine earlier this year, that’s not the case: “There’s some story where Steven Moffat said, ‘No, don’t kill her off’, and I think that’s been translated into ‘Because I might bring her back’ which is very much not how it went. I was having Sunday lunch with him one day and he just said, ‘No, it just seemed too predictable if she died.'”


So, it seems that that last scene was never intended to be a question to be answered, but just a means to make the episode a bit more interesting, which is no bad thing. As for whether she will return? Moffat has said the “door is open” for Jenny’s return, meaning that it will probably never happen.