10 questions that Doctor Who fans need answered right now

Why can't the Doctor visit Amy and Rory in '60s Manhattan? How does River Song know the Doctor's name? And just what happened to the Doctor's daughter? We count down the big questions, and see if there really is an answer for them after all…

Modern Doctor Who is hardly known as the most straightforward show on television – hence why most of its fans have become accustomed to glossing over most episodes’ lack of sense like some sort of long-suffering spouse.


But sometimes there are questions that are just too big to ignore – questions that, even as far back as 2005, are still giving fans sleepless nights. But what is the biggest question? From 10-1, RadioTimes.com have not only ranked the mysteries that Doctor Who fans need clearing up, but tried to find answers for them too.  

But did your query make the top ten? Let us know in the comments below. 

10. What’s the deal with the Doctor’s recurring face? 

The simple answer: Peter Capaldi is a long-established actor capable of playing various roles – of course he has appeared in Doctor Who before. But that’s not what we’re after. In Deep Breath, the Twelfth Doctor’s first episode, he seemed to recognise his reflection from somewhere, asking, “Who frowned me this face?” This isn’t just a nod to the fact that Peter Capaldi popped up in series 4’s The Fires of Pompeii, but a suggestion that where he got his face from plays a bigger part in the plot. 

Is there an answer? 


Not yet, but there will be. Writing in Radio Times’ episode guide, Steven Moffat says that episode five of series 9, The Girl Who Died, “the day when the Doctor remembers where he’s seen his own face.”