Every Doctor’s Tardis… in Lego

From William Hartnell to Peter Capaldi, we present exclusive pictures of every Tardis from the Lego Dimensions video game


Only Lego is big and imaginative enough to contain the Tardis. After all, the blue box is not only bigger on the inside, it’s constantly changing – reconfiguring itself as the Doctor swaps faces. The upcoming Doctor Who expansion to the Lego Dimensions video game will let players waltz around whatever Tardis they wish, and RadioTimes.com has the exclusive first pictures of every interior.


12th Doctor – Peter Capaldi

Bit smiley

11th Doctor – Matt Smith

In his original, madcap Tardis

10th Doctor – David Tennant

His grunge phase

9th Doctor – Christopher Eccleston

Gone but not forgotten

The War Doctor – John Hurt

Yep, even John Hurt’s incarnation made the roll-call

The 8th Doctor – Paul McGann

Not his cool Tardis interior, though

The 7th Doctor – Sylvester McCoy

Umber-ella, ey, ey

6th Doctor – Colin Baker

Also looking more cheerful than usual

5th Doctor – Peter Davison

This is the cutest Peter Davison has ever been

4th Doctor – Tom Baker

Scarf sold separately?

3rd Doctor – Jon Pertwee

Nice round thingies

2nd Doctor – Patrick Troughton

The sepia filter makes everyone look angsty

1st Doctor – William Hartnell

The OG

The LEGO Dimensions Doctor Who Level Pack will be available on 6th November


Doctor Who continues on BBC1 this Saturday 10th October