Bruno Langley – I want to see Todd Grimshaw’s dad on Coronation Street

"Todd must feel a bit abandoned," adds the actor

Bruno Langley wants the backstory of his Coronation Street character Todd Grimshaw to be explored.


“I always wonder if they’re going to bring Todd’s dad into the show,” the actor said to “We’ve had a couple of different actors playing Jason’s dad and I really like seeing that father-son dynamic. The dads have never really been there for the two Grimshaw brothers, so Todd must feel a bit abandoned.”

Terence Maynard is currently playing Tony Stewart, the father of Todd’s half brother Jason. But little has so far been revealed about Todd’s paternity. “I remember years ago that there was mention of Todd being the result of a one-night stand that Eileen had,” Langley added.

Recent storylines for Todd have him wreak revenge on his family by ruining both Eileen and Jason’s relationships, only to later reconcile with his brother following his attack at the hands of Callum Logan.

But even though Todd appears to be something of a reformed character for the present, Langley said that we shouldn’t rule out a return of those Machiavellian traits in the future.

“He’s definitely got two sides to him. If anyone crosses his path again, he could well unleash another horrible plot.”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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