Want to be in Doctor Who? Patrick Ness says he can sort that for you!

He can't cast everyone (can he?) - anyhow, he's not afraid to wield his new Who spin-off writing power online...

Ever since he was announced as the writer of new Doctor Who BBC3 spin-off Class, Patrick Ness has been inundated with tweets and questions about the series but we’re guessing his latest tweet will up the stakes.


As his latest novel, The Rest of Us Just Live Here, was released in the USA, Ness adopted some Who tactics to put him one step ahead of the competitors on the bookshelves.

The casting joke is innocent enough, of course, but Ness may well just have opened a can of worms for himself.

Author and YouTube sensation John Green knows all too well what happens when your books hit the big screen: he received so many casting requests that he had to change his Twitter bio.

It’s early days for Ness and the new Doctor Who spin-off, though – it’s not due to begin filming in Wales until next year – so he’ll have plenty of time to deal with the inevitable barrage of “Can I be in Class?” tweets coming his way.


And while we’re on the subject, Patrick, can you write a role for one of us RadioTimes.com Whovians please? We thought we’d best get in there, y’know, before the flood…