Mary Berry cried during the Bake Off finale and almost finished the nation off

Seeing the Bake Off matriarch break on screen was TOO MUCH for people to handle

We’ve seen her deliver harsh judgements about soggy bottoms all too often but seeing Mary Berry soggy-eyed during the Great British Bake Off finale was just TOO MUCH for some people to handle.


If you haven’t watched the finale yet and want to avoid spoilers you’d best bookmark this’un and come back – the last thing we want is to make you cry too.

Here’s a nice picture of Paul’s incredible bread lion to keep things safe – just in case.

On your marks. Get set. Let’s talk Bake Off!

Anyway, the finale saw peoples’ favourite Nadiya winning the coveted title and when the brilliantly emotional baker was crowned the winner of the competition even Mary couldn’t help but shed a tear of joy – after helping Nadiya to dry her own tears.

And when Mary cracked, the nation went with her…

Once they got going, they just couldn’t stop…

Some said her display of emotion was a right showstopper…

While others were more than happy to sob along with her…


Want Mary to dry your tears too? Then you’d best get your application in for next year’s series.