Karen Gillan’s freaking out in a new Fun Size horror film

The Doctor Who star directs and stars in a new horror short that's due to debut online later this month


She spent years battling monsters with her old pal The Doctor in the Tardis (did we mention the Tardis has been stalking her?) but Karen Gillan’s dealing with a new kind of horror these days – a mini horror movie.


The Scottish actress has teamed up with Fun Size Horror, a collective of genre-loving filmmakers who aim to terrify and delight viewers with short films that explore horror from every angle. Gillan’s both directed and starred in a horror short and she’s been sharing the results with her Twitter followers.

We’re not quite sure what the plot of her short is just yet, but we’re guessing she’s famous as one still shows her character – Rachel Milligan – speaking with a poster featuring her face on the wall behind her.

Could she be at a convention? Harking back to her Doctor Who days?

She’s really gone all out on the lip liner too…

It’s a long way from Pond Life this companion has come. Could she be paying tribute to Amy’s kissogram days?


Gillan’s Fun Size horror flick will land on the official Fun Size Horror website some time between October 15th and Halloween.