Go on, watch this real Dalek explode in slow motion

Looks like Doctor Who's greatest villains aren't so indestructible after all

We love complex, brainy episodes of Doctor Who, full of quick wit, science and clever solutions to challenge us as much as entertain us. It’s a clever show, and certainly not a brainless crowd-pleaser.


But we’re also massive hypocrites – because sometimes there’s something about watching a Dalek blow up that makes our day a little bit brighter. Now, we have to thank the Doctor Who special effects team for releasing a new video that shows just that.


Blowing up a Dalek in slow motion

BOOM! This is how you blow up a Dalek. In slo-mo. Discover the world of Doctor Who Special Effects at the Doctor Who Festival,13th – 15th November at the London ExCeL centre >> http://bbc.in/1P8SsFi

Posted by Doctor Who on Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The slo-mo footage has been released to publicise the upcoming Doctor Who festival (where the series’ special effects team will be speaking), and takes our minds back to many a happy Dalek defeat/explosion. Remember Dalek, or Evolution of the Daleks, or Journey’s End, or any number of classic Who episodes? Good times.

We also can’t help but notice that the model chosen for demolition is the controversial 2010 redesign – perhaps a signal that this version has been retired for good? Or maybe they just had a lot of spares lying around


Doctor Who continues this Saturday on BBC1 – the Doctor Who festival is in London’s ExCel arena from the 13th-15th November