Patricia Arquette on cyber crime, being addicted to Game of Thrones and how an Oscar didn’t change her life

The Boyhood star never misses an episode of HBO's medieval fantasy drama but back in the modern world, CSI: Cyber has shown her the dangers of technology...


Patricia Arquette, you won an Oscar for Boyhood this year – has it changed your life in any way?

I’m no different. I just stayed at home for a few months and hung out with my family, and I let it all simmer down. It’s strange because I feel like the public and press think it changes things drastically, but it doesn’t really.


Is that why you signed up for a new role in television?

Acting is an imperfect science. It’s about discovery and learning, and about taking on projects with interesting material and concepts. To me, this – CSI: Cyber – is interesting: I think cyber crime is both terrifying and fascinating.

Which TV programmes do you never miss?

I’m addicted to Game of Thrones. I don’t get the chance to see much TV, but my boyfriend and I watch this every week with popcorn. If one of us is out of town, we’ll wait until we’re both at home.

Do you have a guilty pleasure?

When I don’t want to worry about anything, I watch House Hunters International. I just pretend, “Oh, that’s me in Morocco looking for a new home.” Shows like this help me think that there’s nothing terrible going on in the world.

Which shows make you cry?

I don’t cry easily. I sometimes cried when filming my old show Medium. Some of those episodes were incredibly sad. Who was your first TV crush? Probably Bill Bixby, who played David Banner in The Incredible Hulk. Or Patrick Duffy in Man from Atlantis.

Is there a TV series you wish they’d bring back?

There were so many significant TV shows when I was a kid, like The Incredible Hulk and Charlie’s Angels. I don’t know if they were the world’s greatest shows, but they were a big part of my childhood.

What was the last thing you learned from watching TV?

I learn something every time I get a new script for CSI: Cyber. And people tell me they learn a lot from the show, and how they are more cautious with technology now than they had been before. Great things come from technology, but things that are not so great are coming out of it, too.

How good are you at reading human behaviour, like your character Special Agent Ryan?

Part of this is probably down to being a woman, but I think I’m good at it. I think women have always had to ascertain pretty quickly if somebody is trustworthy or dangerous.

Do you watch the show with your family?

My son and I watch it together and my boyfriend secretly watches it. My daughter watches it too, and I’ve been trying to speak to her about cyber security. She doesn’t listen to me at home, but she listens when she hears it coming from my character’s mouth on the show. 


CSI: Cyber is on Tuesday 6th October at 10pm on Channel 5