Emmerdale: Aaron is arrested – and sent to prison! Danny Miller interview

"Going inside scares him. He doesn't want to be that person any more," says the actor


Aaron Livesy’s efforts to hide the gun that was used to shoot Robert look set to backfire when he’s arrested and sent to prison.


Viewers have already seen Aaron try to stash the firearm at the scrapyard, but next week’s episodes will see Adam discover incriminating footage of the concealment on the video diary he made for baby Johnny.

“Aaron is confronted with the truth, but like a true best mate, Adam wants to find out what’s going on from him first rather than asking around,” says actor Danny Miller, who plays the beleaguered Aaron. “It’s almost like a brothers’ code. Adam wants to save Aaron’s skin because, deep down, if he could have done it, he would have pulled the trigger.”

The trouble is that Victoria unwittingly uploads the video to the internet, unaware of what she’s set to publicly expose. And pretty soon, the footage has caught the attention of Rakesh – and then the police, who end up recovering the gun from the scrapyard.

“It’s utter panic for Aaron. He knows the gun has been found and there’s nothing he can do about it. He knows he’s going to get caught, but all he wants to do is get to Chas and Paddy, so that he can tell them the truth first.

“He’s been lying to them about the gun. His fingerprints are on it, regardless of how well it’s been wiped. So the evidence is stacked against him and it doesn’t look good.” 

Scenes to be shown on Thursday 15 October will see Aaron’s worst fears realised when, under police questioning, he realises that he’s facing time behind bars.

“Initially, Aaron is a bit cocky when facing police questioning, but amid all the drama he forgets about his suspended sentence and ends up getting straight back to prison.

“Going inside scares him. He doesn’t want to be that person any more. So he ends up giving up on the justice system and his life – he’s back to where he didn’t want to be, which is on the dark side.”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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