Emma Watson filmed her last scenes for Beauty and the Beast 15 years to the day after she was cast in Harry Potter

It’s “one of those full circle moments", says Watson

On 21st August this year Emma Watson celebrated 15 years since being cast as Hermione in the Harry Potter series – the exact same day that she wrapped on her latest project…


“It’s so weird,” said Watson. “It’s one of those full circle moments as I did my last day on Beauty and the Beast as Belle and I was driving home and saw stuff reminding me that it was fifteen years to the day that I was cast as Hermione.”

“It’s so crazy,” she  told Nick Grimshaw on his Radio 1 Breakfast show. “It’s more than half of my life.”

Watson will star as the female lead in the live-action Disney remake of Beauty and the Beast, a casting seemingly everyone agreed was a natural fit

But she admits it can be hard making decisions about which films to take on. 

“Sometimes I’m really baffled about what to do about a certain project […] the right director, right cast, enough money to get it made properly – all of these disparate elements have to arrive at the same perfect moment. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t. It’s a bit iffy.”

“It always feels like a gamble,” Watson added. “Sometimes you’ll get all of the perfect elements in place and it still won’t be a good movie. Or you think it might be a disaster and it turns out really well.”

Watson described her upcoming thriller, Regression – which sees her star alongside Ethan Hawke in a film about a father who can’t remember a crime he’s accused of committing– as a “good example”. 

“On paper, genuinely, I was like ‘What on earth?’” But she admits that after speaking to director Alejandro Amenábar about how it would be made and who was involved, her fears were calmed. 

“It’s one of those awesome films you think you know what it’ll be and then it’s something completely different.”

Meanwhile, Watson has revealed she’s working on getting her yoga instructor’s certification and has decided that next time she’s interviewed by Grimmers it should be in a yoga studio. 

“We can try and narrate it,” she laughed, with Grimshaw suggesting they could film it and put it out live. “A whole series of Emma Watson and Nick Grimshaw yoga tapes.”


“Yes, a yoga DVD for Christmas,” Grimshaw concurred. It’d be on my list to Santa.