Coronation Street: a body is found, but is it Callum? Tina O’Brien interview

"In Sarah's head, it’s Callum. She decides that the game is up. She has to tell someone because it’s only going to be a matter of time before they find her"

It’s panic stations for Sarah next week when she hears that a body has been found in the Weatherfield canal. Fearing that the corpse is that of drug dealer Callum Logan, Sarah prepares to hand herself in to the police, little suspecting that Callum is actually buried in the manhole at No 8!


Here, Tina O’Brien talks about her character’s crumbling state of mind, why Sarah chooses to confesses to vicar Billy – and whether her brother David now poses a threat as he bids to keep the family together…

Sarah has definitely been the most jittery since Callum’s murder – how is she keeping it together?
Sarah’s a mess. I don’t think she’s ever been in such a state before and David’s clearly very worried that she’s going to say something or tell someone what happened to Callum that night.

So she’s the loose cannon?
Sarah’s very much the weak link in all this. She’s got all these thoughts going round in her head and she just can’t cope with the guilt, the worry or the fear. She feels like she’s going mad.

So what makes Sarah decide to confide in Billy?
To begin with, it’s because he pesters her. He won’t leave her alone and keeps asking her what’s wrong. She’s quite dismissive of him at first, but the more he explains his position, and that he can’t tell anyone what she says, the more his offer becomes appealing.

The fact that he has to be confidential makes it feel safe. She needs to offload and – more than anything – she needs someone to talk to because she’s so lonely.

Does she blame herself for Callum’s death?
Yes, she feels like if she hadn’t got him round to the house in the first place then he’d still be alive. And when Callum’s mum seeks Sarah out, it makes her feel more guilty than ever. She’s a mum herself and she can see that this woman is worried about what’s happened to her son and it’s just horrendous for Sarah to sit there and say nothing.

Now, we’re going to see Michelle read that a body has been found in the canal – is Sarah convinced that it’s Callum?
In her head, it’s Callum. She decides that the game is up. She has to tell someone because it’s only going to be a matter of time before they find her.

Kylie tries to persuade Sarah against this – what does she say?
Kylie’s forced to tell Sarah that Callum’s body is not where she thought it was and that it’s under the house. Because otherwise Sarah’s going to confess to the police about the body in the canal. Sarah’s terrified about her fate, but in that moment, had Kylie not told her the truth, I think she would have confessed to the police. She just wants it to be over – it’s eating her up alive.

So how does she feel once she knows that Callum is under the house?
It’s just horrendous for her – it totally throws Sarah into another tailspin and she can’t cope with the knowledge that he’s there.

And is she scared of the way David is reacting? Do you think he’d harm Sarah in order to keep her quiet?
David’s being horrible to her – he’s starting to become quite threatening and Sarah really feels like they should all be pulling together on this and that she should be able to talk to him. But she can’t  and he’s pushing her into an even darker corner.

I don’t know if he’d ever hurt her, David can be unpredictable. I don’t think he’d ever want to purposefully hurt his sister, but I think if she ever got in the way of his family unit – of him, Kylie, Max and Lily – then I don’t know what he’d be capable of.  

Is this the most challenging stuff you’ve ever had to do as Sarah?
Yes, it’s by far the most challenging stuff I’ve done. I’ve really enjoyed it more than any storyline I’ve ever played out before. It’s great to be challenged – it’s been really good. 

Do you know the outcome of the storyline?
No I don’t know the outcome, but I don’t think it will stay secret forever. If you have a secret like that, then surely it will just eat up at you until it’s exposed. Maybe in the long run Sarah will need that release, but then obviously she doesn’t want to be going down for being an accessory to murder and she wants to protect her family, so who knows? There’s definately loads more to come. 

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