Doctor Who fans have launched an online campaign to bring back the sonic screwdriver

Some are so unimpressed with the Doctor's new shades that they've taken to Twitter to demand that the tool be returned to the Time Lord

Peter Capaldi’s Doctor might be “over screwdrivers” but if there’s one thing we learned online during Under The Lake it’s that some Doctor Who fans aren’t. At all.


There are those who like the 12th Doctor’s new shades…

But quite a few don’t care if sonic screwdrivers “spoil the line of your jacket” because they’re not interested in “wearable technology”.

Someone’s even started a petition about it.

Of course, the Doctor has been without his screwdriver before – in fact, he went ‘hands free’ for a while in the classic series after a Terileptil leader forced the 5th Doctor to drop it in a holding cell, then incinerated it with a laser gun.

But while Steven Moffat says he doesn’t see why The Doctor would be “wedded to a screwdriver”, there are clearly some fans who do.

And they want the Doctor and his screwdriver to live in holy matrimony until death do they part.

In fact, they want it SO badly that they’ve even decided to launch a #BringBackTheSonicScrewdriver campaign.

Which asks one VERY important question…

And raises an important point about The Doctor’s fate at the end of episode three…

Will the screwdriver ever be back? Who knows?

One fan has a theory that might just stand up, though.


Doctor Who series 9 continues on BBC1 on Saturday nights