JK Rowling just shut down a major Harry Potter fan theory

Secret werewolfs? Think again...

Harry Potter fans love a good fan theory. What with endless characters and plots to pour over in the eight years since JK Rowling’s final book came out, the internet is brimming with some far-fetched – and some not-so-far-fetched – ideas about the hidden meanings to the Potterverse. 


But while some get the official seal of approval from Rowling – Dumbledore = death, apparently – others get a big thumbs down from the author who masterminded Harry Potter and his wizarding world. 

That’s certainly the treatment one of the internet’s latest theories got earlier today when Rowling took to Twitter to shut down the idea that Draco Malfoy is a werewolf – a treatise that we found plenty to get excited about earlier this year. 


Although, along with the debunking of various theories there was a nugget of new info for Potter fans: Snape’s smell. Not something we ever knew we wanted to know – until we heard that the Hogwarts professor smells of “bitterness and old shoes”.