New moving Facebook profile pictures mean we’re basically living in the Harry Potter books

“In, you know, the Muggle world, people just stay put in photos."

We don’t have wands or flying broomsticks. Our chocolate frogs remain immobile. We can’t hide under an invisibility cloak, whip up a Polyjuice potion or really cast a spell of any kind – but now we’ve finally got one tiny glimpse into what it would be like to live in the world of Harry Potter.


Now, finally, our pictures move.

Well, sort of – rather than newspaper pictures screaming and paintings that run between each other, these “moving pictures” come courtesy of Facebook, which is now allowing users to upload 7-second looping videos to their profiles instead of the usual static image.

Still, you’d have to be as grumpy as Vernon Dursley to deny you don’t get a little excited by even this limited version of JK Rowling’s magical ideas – how long before someone chucks up a Sirius Black profile picture? We estimate 5 minutes, if that.

Other features unveiled in Facebook’s new profiles include the ability to pin featured photos at the top of your profile, temporary profile pictures for certain events and a more mobile-centric design. Still, we don’t care as much about these because they don’t seem like the sort of thing that would hang on the walls of the Gryffindor common room.


Call us when you’ve set up an owl delivery service, Zuckerberg – we’re off to pop the Chudley Cannons’ team photo up on our Facebook walls.