Eh oh! A first look at the new Teletubbies house

Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po's world has been given a revamp— and here's a sneak peek inside...


A touch more make-up, Laa-Laa? Ready for your grand entrance, Po? Yes, Teletubbies is returning later this year with 60 new shows after a 14-year absence.

At heart, it’s still gloriously low-tech: the Teletubbies are played by actors plodding around in super-sized furry costumes, which are new — they have to be to look good on HD telly — but they’re near identical to the ones they replaced.

The actor inside Tinky Winky still operates the eyes with one hand, his mouth with the other. There are one or two innovations, such as the new Tubby Dome (above) and the Tubby Custard Ride (below) you see here.

The walls of the dome are inflatable, and what’s more the rolling green fields are no longer Warwickshire farmland but computer generated. 

Why the remake? You can do the sums on your fingers. The original shows, made between 1997 and 2001, were sold to 120 territories and translated into 45 languages. The Teletubbies YouTube channel attracts 65 million views every month. All aboard the Teletubbies gravy/custard train!