Jenna Coleman reveals her favourite Doctor Who blooper

The actress – who'll bid farewell to the Tardis during series nine – teased the audience about Clara's last hurah and revealed her most memorable on-set slip up

Jenna Coleman may well become the longest serving Doctor Who companion during series nine of the beloved BBC sci-fi series. But when she looks back at her Tardis tenure with Matt Smith, there’s one Who memory that still makes her giggle more than any other.


“It’s great, I can say this now! For my leaving do they showed a video and it had loads of outtakes and there was such a funny one from The Snowman where we were on the roof and it was snowing before we get the ladder to go up to the Tardis”, she told the audience at Salt Lake City Comic Con.

“It was that scene, because it just felt so quintessentially Doctor Who. We were running from a monster, the monster was right behind us yet we were having an argument and it was snowing and there were scary snowmen as well there.

“We just had to reach up with the umbrella but it was really hard to do and I just kept missing and there’s about 50 million outtakes of me doing the scene and then NOT getting the umbrella caught in the ladder, which is very funny and I hope they release it because I enjoyed it very much.”

Coleman, who revealed she was departing the series earlier this month, said Clara “doesn’t have time for boys or men” in series nine as she’s far too busy “being an independent woman”. “She’s much more space bound… The ties to Earth are being cut”, Coleman explained, while dropping the phrase “life’s too short” into the mix.

Does that add to the evidence that Clara could be destined to meet a tragic end before the series is out?

“We’ll have to see how Clara leaves” she teased. And when a fan asked if we’d have closure in terms of the character and her real identity by the end of the series, Coleman’s answer was simple: “You’ll have to watch.”

She did encourage speculation, though, revealing that herself and Peter Capaldi often find themselves hunting for cryptic clues in Steven Moffat’s scripts.

“We call this The Moffat Loop, where sometimes me and Peter will get the scripts and be like, ‘have you seen that line? What do you think it means? Maybe it could be… but actually, because four episodes ago that happened and that happened and it could be this or it could be that,’ but we don’t know.

“And so we call it a Moffat Loop and I’ve found sometimes when you try to apply too much logic, it doesn’t work. So yeah, it’s good – we like to speculate as well because who knows what goes on inside Steven’s head? And who knows what’s going to be on the page?

“Whatever happens its always exciting and not what you expect. So, yeah, keep speculating.”

If there’s one case where speculation is rife, it’s Coleman’s possible replacement. She’s admitted on numerous occasions that she doesn’t know who will fill her shoes, but she does have some advice for the Doctor’s next companion.


“Just enjoy it. Enjoy every second. I think, when I came in, Karen was in the process of leaving and I saw Matt leave as well so I’m very aware that it’s a short space of time that you can have this adventure. So enjoy it, and try not to worry because you’re in amazing hands with Peter and you’re just going to have a lot of fun.

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