Coronation Street: Tim jilts Sally at their wedding – “It would be so sad to see the final end to them,” says Sally Dynevor

"I'm really sad for Sally that the wedding isn’t looking likely," adds the actress

It looks like Sally Webster is to be left mortified on her wedding day when Tim refuses to turn up for their nuptials.


With Sally’s explanation for her recent illicit kiss with ex-husband Kevin still not washing with the Weatherfield window cleaner, it seems that only heartbreak lies ahead.

Scenes to be shown on Monday 5 October will see Sally begging Tim to marry her, but he gives a warning that she’ll be a laughing stock if she turns up at the nuptials.

Sophie is left fearing that her mum is having a breakdown, while Rita tries to convince Sally that she’s on a hiding to nothing and should admit defeat.

As the guests gather in the Bistro, everyone grows increasingly embarrassed as Sally stands alone in her wedding dress waiting for Tim.

But Sally’s resolve starts to crumble when it becomes clear that the groom is a no-show. As the guests dessert her, Sally is left stood alone, rather like Miss Havisham!

Here, actress Sally Dynevor reveals more about what happens on Sally’s big day. Is her character deluded if she thinks Tim is going to forgive and forget? Or will Sal get her happy ever after despite the odds not being in her favour?

So why can’t Tim forgive Sally for kissing Kevin?
Tim is a good man – he’s got morals and everything is quite simple for him. So the fact of the matter is is that Sally has betrayed him with his best friend. There are a few factors that Tim can’t move past – he thinks that if Sally has done it once, then she might do it again. Tim can’t understand how Sally could do that to him. He’s really sad and he can’t trust her anymore. 

What does Sally say to try and talk Tim round?
Sally persistently tells Tim that she will be at the wedding, she will be turning up and she wants him to as well. She repeatedly tells him she loves him and that she’s so sorry. She tries everything to get him to go, but he can’t agree and he’s really awful to her. 

Is there a risk that she’s going to be left standing at the altar on her own?
Definitely. Tim is determined that he won’t be turning up. He says some awful things to Sally in the Rovers – he tells her to go away and to leave him alone and that he doesn’t want to know her anymore.

So, talk us through the day of the wedding…
Well, Sally goes to the hairdressers and Audrey questions whether Sally is sure she wants to go through with this – everybody knows that Tim has said he won’t turn up and has told her to cancel the wedding. Audrey gently says to Sally that the wedding has been cancelled but Sally is insistent that the wedding is very much on and that Tim will be there.

Sophie asks her mum what she thinks she’s doing and Rita is also really worried about her. But Sally is completely in denial and determined that Tim is going to show. Kevin comes over and Sally is playing wedding songs and everybody is just really concerned – they all know Tim will never turn up. Sally thinks that if she believes that Tim will be there, then he will be.

Sally then goes to the Bistro is waiting and waiting…she’s beside herself when he isn’t there and doesn’t turn up. Leanne says that they should probably think about packing up because it’s obvious he isn’t going to come. 

Do people feel sorry for Sally?
Sally is annoying and irritates a lot of people, but I think she’s harmless and deep down people do like her. Sally really gets on Sean’s nerves, for example, but he would still be protective of her if something bad happened to her. So yes, I think people do feel sorry for her. 

Would you like to see Tim give Sally a second chance?
I’m really sad for Sally that the wedding isn’t looking likely. They are such a good couple – even though they are so different. But I think that’s why they work so well. It would be so sad to see the final end to them.

And where does Kevin stand in all this?
She loves him and I think Kevin loves her too. I think a conversation has probably been had between them where Sally has asked Kevin if he’s OK with the fact that she’s remarrying. She wants his consent. But there’s too much water under the bridge – you can’t keep going backwards. They have to move forward.

Did you enjoy filming the wedding scenes?
It was such good fun. It was probably one of my most enjoyable times here at Corrie – filming all the ups and downs of the wedding and the run-up to it. I’m so excited about the episodes going out on screen. 

Do you like Sally’s dress?
Yes – it’s perfect for Sally. I love it for her. It’s quite short and plain – it’s a little bit lacy and has no sleeves. She has a bolero jacket with it and also a large head dress, which is quite funny! It has a veil over the front of it, which is actually quite funny as the first time Sally got married to Kevin she wore a very similar head dress with a veil over the front too. We thought that was quite interesting that Sally has picked something quite similar to wear this time. 

And how much fun are you, Joe Duttine and Michael Le Vell having filming this love triangle?
So much fun! There’s a lot of laughter and corpsing. I love the way the writers have made Sally piggy in the middle and have made Tim and Kevin best mates. It’s been great because it could have so easily been dramatic and with there being a feud between them all. But I really like the Modern Family take on it. 

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