9 times Downton Abbey’s Mr Carson realised that he’s not in control of his own wedding – and looked terribly confused about it

The Crawleys' butler is used to running a tight ship, but that's all changed now he's a groom-to-be...

As Downton Abbey’s butler, Mr Carson is used to getting his own way. When it comes to the staff below stairs, he rules the roost – and he is well respected above ground, too. From Earl to under butler, the house and its inhabitants live by Carson’s rules. But, as Daisy said last week, “Even Mr Carson can’t always have his own way.” 


That became only too apparent in episode two when Carson found himself caught up in some wedding-planning dilemmas…

You see, the happy couple couldn’t decide on a reception venue. Robert suggested they decorate the servants hall. But Mrs Hughes wanted to pick her own spot: “I just don’t want to be a servant on my wedding day.”

Which meant he had to say no to his Lordship. Something Carson has never dreamt of doing before… 

Lady Mary then got involved, suggesting the pair marry in Downton’s Great Hall instead: “You leave Mrs Hughes to me. Don’t worry, Carson, your reception will be in the Great Hall if it’s the last thing I do.”

Mrs Hughes went a tad bridezilla after that. “I am the bride. We’ll be doing it your way for the next 30 years, I know that well enough. But the wedding day is mine.”

While Carson raised and lowered his eyebrows… 

And couldn’t quite work out what to do with his face.

He tried to take back control – turn down the Crawleys or talk Hughes round – but neither quite went to plan.  

1925 might have been a man’s world. But poor Carson certainly wasn’t just any man any more; he was a groom.

Just think about silver polish, Carson… 


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