Will Peter Capaldi be back for Doctor Who series 10? He and Steven Moffat have fun skirting around the issue…

At the Radio Times Festival, Frank Skinner asked Moffat and Capaldi the question on every Doctor Who fan's lips - several times

Jenna Coleman has announced her Doctor Who departure but when the companion bows out, will The Doctor follow suit? That was the question host Frank Skinner put to Peter Capaldi and Steven Moffat at the Radio Times Festival Doctor Who panel – several times over…


“So you’re not leaving is the bottom line?” Skinner laughed as The Doctor himself, Peter Capaldi, finished an impassioned speech about playing the Time Lord.

“So we can officially say, Steven, that Peter will be The Doctor in series ten?” he asked showrunner Steven Moffat. “That depends how series nine ends, doesn’t it?” said Moffat with a smile. “Anything could happen.”

“There is one day to go I suppose,” Skinner pointed out, referring to the final day of filming on the Christmas special, which Capaldi revealed he’d be working on this weekend. “He could be really rubbish tomorrow.”

“I’m always waiting for the William Hartnell conversation,” chuckled Capaldi, whose second series as The Doctor has just begun on BBC1. “Every time they invite me out for dinner I get very nervous. This is going to be it now.”

Ever the eager Doctor Who fan, Skinner wasn’t prepared to let the subject go that easily though: “So you’re not prepared to confirm that? I mean it’s not a spoiler…” he teased the all-powerful Moffat and producer Brian Minchin.

“What are you asking me to say?” laughed Moffat. “Everyone’s going to be really safe on the show, the Doctor won’t be encountering any severe danger? Watch the show, find out!”

“The show has always been based on the fact The Doctor will be all right,” Skinner replied.

“No, the show has always been based on the fact The Doctor MIGHT be all right,” Moffat masterfully countered.

“And you’d better keep watching, in case it really goes wrong.”


Doctor Who series 9 continues on BBC1 on Saturday nights at 7:45pm