Doctor Who: exclusive The Witch’s Familiar poster revealed

The second of designer Stuart Manning's retro posters has shades of Metropolis and propaganda art

Designer and Doctor Who devotee Stuart Manning is crafting a poster to accompany every single instalment of series nine, exclusively for Just in time to spook you for tonight’s episode, we’re proud to present his creation for The Witch’s Familiar.

“I love the 1960s Daleks and last week’s episode brought them closer to their original concept than any other modern Doctor Who story, with their weird and wonderful Tomorrowland-style city, harking back to the ‘mysterious outer-space robot people’ of the 1960s annuals,” explains Stuart.

“The city also had shades of Metropolis, which inspired the typography and I liked the idea of contrasting ragged young Davros on the battlefield with sleek lines and stark shapes of his future world. With the colour and the angles, there’s probably a little touch of propaganda art in there too – look out for Davros pasting it into to the side of a Dalek come election time…”

Take a look at Stuart’s design below and click to see a downloadable larger version… 

Stuart’s posters are now available to buy as limited edition prints and you can follow him on Twitter @stuart_manning


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