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Home invasions, fleeting friendships and frat boys running for their life: in cinemas 25 September


A story of female friendship and breast cancer sounds like the stuff of a Lifetime TV movie, but Drew Barrymore and Toni Collette actually have some decent material to work with here and their rapport creates a story that’s more life-affirming than depressing. It opens just ahead of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.


LIFE ★★★★

James Dean is back in the frame here, played by Dane DeHaan, on the cusp of stardom. He’s seen through the eyes of Robert Pattinson as the photographer who captured Dean in an iconic pose during the few days they spent together in New York. A brief encounter, but the film is no less insightful for that.

99 HOMES ★★★

Watching hardworking people getting evicted from their homes sounds about as much fun as, well, a film about breast cancer. But, a storming turn from Michael Shannon and a refreshingly un-cocky Andrew Garfield (as a property developer and his protégé, respectively) lend credence to a somewhat rickety plot.


Fresh from a widely praised turn as Martin Luther King in Selma, British actor David Oyelowo tries something completely different. He plays a fugitive who holds Kate Mara hostage in a thriller ripped from the headlines. The title promises an edge-of-your-seat ride, which it isn’t really, but you can’t hold it against the actors.


A little bit Chariots of Fire but nowhere near as good, this true-life tale follows a cross-country running team from Nowheresville, California who manage to put themselves on the map with a little help from Kevin Costner’s washed-up coach. Now, that’s what we call covering old ground…


Lessons in Love

Mia Madre ★★★


Orion: the Man Who Would Be King ★★★★

Premature ★★

Solace ★★★


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