Does the first Black Mirror series 3 trailer tease a return to an older episode?

Charlie Brooker's dark world is headed to Netflix and there's a (very) brief first teaser


It’s a big day for Black Mirror. Charlie Brooker’s series is heading to Netflix for 12 new episodes, as originally revealed by The deal doesn’t mean it’ll show on the on-demand service in the UK and Ireland – Channel 4 still have first rights to air it here – but while we await new material, a brand new teaser has surfaced on the internet.


It may only be a few seconds long, but it shows a glowing Netflix logo located behind an ear, before cutting to the words “Black Mirror”.

The location of the Netflix symbol is particularly interesting as it seems to be referring back to an early episode of the series – The Entire History of You – written by Peep Show’s Jesse Armstrong and featuring a world where everyone’s memories are digitally stored in a device called a “grain”. 

Said device was located behind the users’ ear like the Netflix logo in the new trailer, which has us wondering – could the storyline from The Entire History of You be returning? After all, the concept was at one point being considered for a feature film adaptation, proving the idea has legs and could be explored further. Is this trailer signalling a return to the world where bad memories can haunt you forever?


Black Mirror usually sticks to anthology-style standalone episodes, but the format has been tinkered with before – last year’s festive special White Christmas interwove three distinct stories rather than focusing on one tale, so perhaps there’s room for the series to make more changes in its new home at Netflix over a longer series?

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