Does Steven Moffat know who will replace Jenna Coleman as the next Doctor Who companion?

If he does, he's not saying...

Ever since Jenna Coleman announced her departure from Doctor Who last week, the question on everyone’s lips has been who could replace her at Peter Capaldi’s side in the Tardis?


We here at Radio Times had a guess, and fans weighed in with their opinions – but now we’ve heard from Doctor Who head writer Steven Moffat himself. Surely, if anyone knows it’ll be him?

Er, no actually.

Speaking to chair Frank Skinner at the Radio Times Festival, Moffat revealed, during this exchange, that the next companion hasn’t yet been cast:

Steven Moffat: “I love how long we get to grieve. Jenna’s leaving – who will the next companion be?”

Frank Skinner: “Can I ask you this, and I don’t think this is a spoiler. Do you know who the next companion will be?”

Steven Moffat: “No. I genuinely don’t.”

Of course, the famously tricksy Moffat could just be misleading us – but then again, star Peter Capaldi and executive producer Brian Minchin (who were also at the Doctor Who panel) claimed equal ignorance.

For now, we’ll have to assume the new companion is still out there somewhere, unknowingly going about their day as their Whovian destiny awaits them. We’ll just have to keep our eyes peeled for any secretive “Panic Moon” auditions…


Doctor Who is on BBC1 tomorrow (Saturday 26thSeptember) at 7:45pm