See how Doctor Who managed to pull off that Abbey Road photoshoot in just under two minutes

The Beatles homage came together surprisingly fast - and involved Peter Capaldi wheeling a Dalek...

We’ve already established that Doctor Who’s Abbey Road photoshoot (below) definitely means Clara Oswald is going to die. (LOOK AT THE FEET.) But what we don’t know is how they managed to pull the iconic photo off. 


Well, a new video has shown that the whole thing was a quick and smooth operation, with the the photographer’s crew having to time the photoshoot so it didn’t disrupt London traffic. This meant wheeling the Daleks into position and Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman quickly rushing into place to make it look like they’re walking – which makes for a pretty funny sight. 

All in all, the stunt took only two minutes to pull off. Impressive. 


Check out the full video below. And keep an eye out for Capaldi wheeling off a Dalek at the end…