Coronation Street: find out what’s next for Kylie and David following Callum’s death

A new trailer previews all the upcoming drama to hit Weatherfield in the wake of the live episode's shocks


So – what are the Platts going to do next now that they’ve done away with drug dealer Callum Logan?


Viewers of last night’s live episode saw Calum bludgeoned to death by Kylie and then dumped down the manhole in the garage at No 8.

But will the family end up buckling when the police come calling?

A new trailer released by ITV shows Kylie saying that she feels as though her head is going to explode, while there’s some trademark gallows humour from David who says, “Who’d have thought moving a dead body would be so stressful?”

Away from the nightmare faced by David and co, we also have Tim telling Sally that there’s not going to be any wedding now that he’s found out about her illicit kiss with Kevin.

And Aidan’s dad Johnny arrives at Underworld to shed some light on the true state of his son’s finances.

You can watch the promo below.

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