Lawrence should be the one to shoot Robert, says Emmerdale actor John Bowe

"Now it's time for the latent fury of Lawrence to awaken and deal with the weasel that is Robert"

Emmerdale star John Bowe says that he hopes his character Lawrence White will be the one to wreak revenge on Robert Sugden by shooting him.


“Lawrence’s decency and ability to forgive has made him look gullible at times over the past year or so,” says the actor. “Now it’s time for the latent fury of Lawrence to awaken and deal with the weasel that is Robert – to protect his beloved daughter Chrissie, his whole family, his business and his honour.”

Businessman Lawrence has become increasingly infuriated by Robert, ever since it was revealed that he’d been having an illicit affair with Aaron. 

But the final straw comes when Robert admits to having set Lawrence up with rent boy Connor. Will this be enough to make Lawrence want to pull the trigger?

“Lawrence wants to shoot Robert because he has ruined his daughter’s life, interfered in his grandson’s life and tormented him for too long. For over a year in fact. Since the family moved to Emmerdale.

“For many years Lawerence had accelerated Robert’s advance within his company, partly because he regarded him as the son he never had and partly because he reminded him of his younger self, which stimulated his affection for him.

“But then he started trampling all over his family and gorging himself on his perverted needs. Robert is a manipulator. He’s power mad, selfish – a taker not a giver!” 

And is Bowe looking forward to finding out the identity of the mystery assailant? “Bring on the reveal. Whoever has done the deed gets my support and congratulations. Maybe that’s me!”

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