Why are Harry Potter fans sneaking secret notes into JK Rowling’s books?

New movement #PotterItForward is encouraging the fandom to tell first-time readers what the wizarding world meant to them


Harry Potter meant a great deal to those of us who grew up as JK Rowling wrote her best-selling books. But now, a brand new generation is discovering the magic of the wizarding world – and they’re being encouraged by scores of existing fans thanks to a new initiative from MuggleNet.


The Harry Potter hub has started #PotterItForward – a movement which encourages readers to share what Rowling’s novels meant to them.

This is done in the form of a note slipped into library and donated books for new fans to find. Some participants have been taking photos of their messages and sharing them on social media with the hashtag #PotterItForward. 

Whether it’s thanking the boy wizard for getting you through hard times…

Exciting newcomers on their first day at Hogwarts: 

Sharing favourite quotes…

Or believing in the books’ magical powers:


New Harry Potter readers are not only getting Rowling’s magical stories – they’re also getting encouragement by all the fans who’ve come before them. Pretty magical, right?

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