Doctor Who: Tell us what you thought about The Magician’s Apprentice and be a Radio Times reviewer

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Doctor Who is back – and we want to know what you thought of series nine’s first episode.


As the skies freeze and the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) can’t be found, it’s up to Missy (Michelle Gomez) and Clara (Jenna Coleman) to find him – but why does the Time Lord think he’s going to die? And what do the Daleks have planned for him?

After nine months away from our screens anticipation is high for the Magician’s Apprentice, which will kick off a series chock-full of two-part episodes for the first time ever. It’s a radical departure for Doctor Who after a few years with hardly any two-part episodes at all, and we’re sure it’s a method bound to enchant some fans as much as it enrages others. 

In fact, no matter what you thought of this week’s opener we want to hear from you. Did you love the Daleks – or are you sick to death of them? Was Missy’s return welcome, or a little premature? Do you feel excited for next week’s episode, or more interested in what’s to come later in the series? And how emotional is it watching Jenna Coleman given that we now know she’s leaving this series?

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