Brand new Doctor Who prequel sees Peter Capaldi facing a dark future

"I’ve seen many battlefields – but this one will be different. This one will be my last..."

Gosh, Doctor Who does spoil us – it’s only a couple of days since we were given a prequel to Saturday’s series nine premiere, and yet here’s another taster of what to expect this weekend. 


Called the Doctor’s Meditation, the new mini-episode sees Peter Capaldi’s incarnation facing an uncertain future – and possibly the return of an old villain. Just check out this intriguing piece of dialogue from the Doctor to his companion Bors:

“Someone I know is very sick. They want to see me before… while there’s still time.”

“An old friend?”

“Someone I’ve known for a very long time.”

Who could this be? Michelle Gomez’s Missy is in the episode, and would fit the description – but what could be ailing her? And if not her, who else could the Doctor be talking about?

It’s certainly a puzzle – but we’ll have to wait until tomorrow’s episode to figure it out. Only a few hours to go now…

Watch the Doctor’s Meditation here

Doctor Who series 9 begins tomorrow (Saturday 19th September) at 7:40pm


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