The internet is chuffed its Bake Off crush Tamal finally got Star Baker

As BBC1's baking contest enters the quarter finals, this sandwich-loving doctor is a big hit on social media

The internet has a full-blown crush on Tamal from The Great British Bake Off.


It’s no surprise, really. He’s a doctor and a baker. So he can save our lives and whip us up a pastry-based pudding.

He’s sweet, funny and has a really good long-term sandwich memory.

What’s not to love?

Either Twitter wants to be with him, be his BFF or just be him. 

This crush was inevitable. 

And so it’s understandable that Twitter went a little crazy when he was finally named Star Baker this week…

Even former Bakers were on Team Tamal…

And we all melted a little bit when the first thing he did was call his mum 

It goes without saying that Tamal himself was also pretty pleased. 

Tamal for the final!

The Great British Bake Off continues on Wednesdays at 8:00pm on BBC1


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