Latest movies: Everest, Bill, A Walk in the Woods, The D Train, The Messenger

Top of the world terror, writers go rogue, a man off the rails and messages from the afterlife: in cinemas 18 September


In the mid-90s, two expeditions bound for the summit of Everest were trapped by severe storms. An A-list cast, including Jake Gyllenhaal, Josh Brolin and Keira Knightley line up to re-enact the events, but what promises to be a sweeping tale of survival doesn’t quite live up to its epic setting.


BILL ★★★

Kids who love the BBC’s Horrible Histories series should get a kick out of this irreverent revised portrait of William Shakespeare (played by The Wrong Mans’s Mathew Baynton). The Bard is ye fish-out-of-water in the big smoke, hoping to strike it lucky in showbiz. In his own words, “Let every eye negotiate for itself and trust no agent.” (Much Ado About Nothing)


We all know how old men can ramble, but Robert Redford gives new meaning to the word as travel writer Bill Bryson, aiming to trek 2,200 miles along the eastern side of America with a ruddy-faced Nick Nolte. They make good company, though you wouldn’t want to be washing their socks afterwards…


Boundaries are crossed in all kinds of ways when Jack Black tries to woo James Marsden to the high-school reunion he hopes will make up for his lonely childhood. The plot of this black comedy may go off the rails a bit, but it’s worth a look for daring to be different. (Mind the gaps.)


Robert Sheehan sees dead people and reluctantly tends to their unfinished business, too. If only the makers of this spooky Brit thriller had showed as much attention to detail, it might have had more sticking power. As it is, watch this appear and quickly disappear at your local cinema…


A Girl at My Door ★★★

A Syrian Love Story ★★★★

Tangerines ★★★★



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