Can you spot Peter Capaldi and Chris Addison on this new Spider-Man comic book cover?

If you blink you might miss the Thick of It and Doctor Who co-stars...

They’ve played the game of politics and battled across time and space, but now frequent co-stars Chris Addison and Peter Capaldi have really hit the big time. They’re hanging out with Spider-Man.


Well, sort of – Chris Addison has revealed that the Doctor Who-starring pair will appear on an upcoming Spider-Man comic book cover (though presumably not the story itself) along with their other Thick Of It co-stars, as the web-slinger heads to London to face the evil Zodiac.

Can you spot them? They’re on the bus that Spider-Man’s just been thrown into, probably wishing they’d taken the Tube instead. 

Along with Capaldi’s Malcolm Tucker and Addison’s Ollie Reeder you can spot actors Joanna Scanlan, James Smith, Paul Higgins and Polly Kemp, and overall it looks like a day trip the staff of DoSac wish they could have avoided. Might be good for department PR, though – maybe this incident would appeal to quiet Spider-people?

We should also point out that, despite the presence of Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi and Missy’s henchman Seb, this is in no way a Doctor Who tribute – and Chris Addison might have (Malcolm Tucker-quoting) words for you if you think otherwise…


Doctor Who series 9 begins on BBC1 on Saturday 19th September at 7.40pm

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