Who should play Mary Poppins in Disney’s new musical movie?

Emma Watson, Michelle Dockery, Jenna Coleman... Who should follow in Julie Andrews' footsteps?


More than 50 years after the iconic children’s film hit cinemas, Disney is rebooting Mary Poppins. 


The filmmakers are reportedly developing a live-action musical movie starring the beloved magical nanny, with Into the Woods director Rob Marshall and producers John DeLuca and Marc Platt at the helm. 

Following on from the super(califragilisticexpialidocious) original, which starred Julie Andrews in the title role, the film will catch up with Mary Poppins two decades later in “Depression-era London” – and will be based on the rest of PL Travers Poppins book series.

It’s a most delightful prospect. But the important question is: who will be filling Andrews’ lace-up boots? 

Perhaps Emma Watson is on the lookout for another Disney musical after warming up her vocal chords in Beauty and the Beast?

Kristen Bell would certainly be a popular choice, after lending her voice to Princess Anna in Disney mega-smash Frozen. While Les Miserables star Anne Hathaway has certainly proved she’s got the singing skills – and she’s already the bookie’s favourite with odds of 6/1.

But such a quintessentially British role might benefit from a British actress. Think Kate Winslet, Gemma Arterton, Carey Mulligan, Hayley Atwell or Downton Abbey star Michelle Dockery. Not to mention Emily Blunt, Felicity Jones or Doctor Who’s Jenna Coleman? 

In fact, talking of Doctor Who, could Missy’s Michelle Gomez give it a go? We’re not so sure about her maternal side, but she’s pretty much already wearing the costume… 


What do you think?

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